At Rockford Studio, we work with our clients on beautiful, eye-catching and functional web design.

Our websites can take payments, bookings and subscription fees, stream live webinars and video courses, display price lists and services, and so much more. The sites are desktop, mobile and tablet friendly and can work alongside an app for even more features on the go.

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After festivals were given the green light, I've been working alongside the guys at TQ SUN Festival 2021 to turn a promotional video and a website around in two weeks. 

The website required ticket bookings for two separate events, mobile and app compatibility for the gate, payments, social links, live chat and a video promotion.

visit the website here: www.tqsunfestival.co.uk


Zero Pain Philosophy

During the pandemic, training for veterinary professionals became particularly difficult.

I worked with Zero Pain Philosophy to get their classes live with paid webinars alongside video channels containing courses in specific areas, submission forms for private consultations and subscription plans for all of the above.

visit the website here: www.zeropainphilosophy.com

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Chef's Touch

A client who had been catering for events via word of mouth wanted to push his business online with a professional website. 

I worked with Chef's Touch to create a site with optional menus and services alongside consultation services for chef training.

visit the website here: www.chefs-touch.co.uk


Isla Silver

During the pandemic, a wholesale jewellery business wanted to launch an online eCommerce department due to retail stores closing their doors.

I worked with Isla Silver to get their catalogue of products online with descriptions, pricing, and stock data.

visit the website here: www.islasilver.com

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A well-established client in the maritime industry wanted to push their apprenticeship training, highlighting the benefits for both employers and apprentices.

I worked with SeaRegs to tidy up their existing site and add a designated area for employers and apprentices to find valuable information, job listings and video content.

visit the website here: www.searegs.co.uk

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