Video content is becoming increasingly popular due to higher positioning for your business on both search engines and social media. 

We work closely with our clients to plan a storyboard. We can travel to a client's premises or another location to capture both handheld and aerial footage, along with sound and interviews. We have access to a vast library of stock footage and licensed music and create custom animated opening and end slides for your brand.



Rockford created this video for a new festival launch. The content is a mixture of drone, video and stock footage overlaid with licensed music.



Rockford created this video to increase the exposure of apprenticeships to potential apprentices hoping to start a career in the maritime industry. We spent a day filming in and around the companies vessels and interviewing their apprentices on the job.



Rockford created this video to increase interest to potential tourists looking for a spacious beach in beautiful South Devon. The footage was captured using both a drone and a handheld camera during the sunset hour.